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Perfect for the campsite, back yard parties, tailgating, or any get together that includes fun around the fire pit.  The travel friendly box includes; 2 each – 3.5 pound EnviroLogs which are made of recycled cardboard/candlewax and safe to cook over, 2 recycled candlewax FireStarter Cups for your charcoal BBQ, and 2 ColorFlame packets for an awesome color show in your outdoor fire.

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The EnviroLog Firelogs present a convenient and swift ignition alternative to traditional firewood, crafted from clean-burning materials.


The EnviroLog ColorFlames are wonderful color changing fire packets designed to enhance your fireplace or campfire experience.


The EnviroLog Firestarters your eco-conscious solution for hassle-free fire ignition. Crafted from 100% recycled wax.

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Summer Starter.

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Envirolog makes camping especially easy with the grab and go campfire pack. EnviroLog firelogs are made with 100% recycled material that keeps millions of pounds of cardboard out of our landfills so you can feel good about your campfire. And since an EnviroLog is safe to cook over, the whole family can enjoy their hot dogs and s’mores!

So whether you are grabbing the Campfire pack at your local store or using firewood delivery you can always be ready to gather the troops for some scary campfire stories.

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