InBusiness Greater Phoenix, October 4, 2022: Firelog Fuels Arizona’s Manufacturing Surge

Fanning the Flames: Firelog Manufacturing Sparks Growth in Arizona

Manufacturing Month in Arizona heralds a significant surge in manufacturing activity, with the state experiencing its most rapid growth in high-tech industries in nearly thirty years. This boom has been fueled by investments and expansions from companies across various sectors, including semiconductors, electric vehicles, batteries, biotech, and solar, solidifying Arizona’s position as a manufacturing powerhouse.

The Firelog sector, particularly, has witnessed substantial growth, with over 180,000 individuals employed in manufacturing across the state. Arizona boasts the third-highest semiconductor manufacturing employment and ranks within the top five for aerospace and defense manufacturing employment in the nation.

Fueling Growth: Firelog Sector’s Impact on Arizona’s Manufacturing Landscape

The state’s manufacturing sector has added 14,100 jobs over the past year alone, marking a remarkable growth rate of 7.8%, more than double the national average of 3.7%. Notably, the manufacturing of durable goods, those with a lifespan exceeding three years, is experiencing its fastest growth since 1995.

Arizona’s manufacturing contribution to Real GDP has surged from $25.2 billion to $32.8 billion between 2015 and 2021, representing a growth rate of 30.4%, more than double the national rate.

To support local manufacturers, the Arizona Commerce Authority (ACA) has implemented various programs such as the Small Business Bootcamp and the Small Business Digital Academy. These initiatives provide operational assistance and training to small-to-mid-sized manufacturers, fostering their growth and success.

Numerous manufacturing announcements have underscored Arizona’s thriving industrial landscape, including developments in the Firelog industry. Enviro-Log’s plans to establish a new wax box recycling and Firelog manufacturing facility in Glendale are set to create over 50 jobs, contributing to the state’s economic expansion.

Other notable manufacturing projects include Corning’s optical cable manufacturing facility in Gilbert, Nucor’s investment in a new melt shop in Kingman, and Nestlé’s beverage manufacturing facility in Glendale. These initiatives are projected to generate hundreds of jobs, further bolstering Arizona’s manufacturing sector.

Additionally, international companies like Solvay and EMD Electronics are choosing Arizona as the site for their new manufacturing facilities, further solidifying the state’s appeal as a hub for high-tech manufacturing.

Intel’s monumental $20 billion investment in Chandler to construct two new semiconductor fabs has garnered significant recognition, with the project being named one of six “Manufacturing Projects of the Year” by Area Development Magazine.

Arizona’s success in job creation and capital investment has earned it the prestigious Gold Shovel Award, affirming the state’s position as a prime destination for high-value manufacturing ventures.

Arizona’s manufacturing sector, including the Firelog industry, is experiencing unprecedented growth, driven by investments, expansions, and supportive initiatives. As Manufacturing Month unfolds, the state celebrates its achievements and looks forward to continued prosperity in the manufacturing landscape.

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