AZ Business Magazine, August 1, 2022

EnviroLog Company, LLC, a leading eco-friendly, consumer products and recycling company, announced that it will open a new recycling and manufacturing facility in Glendale, Arizona this summer, creating over 50 jobs. Located at 7676 N. Glen Harbor Boulevard, the 76,156-square-foot facility will be dedicated to recycling waxed cardboard boxes (WOCC) and manufacturing its environmentally-friendly, EnviroLog products. The company plans to work directly with produce leaders, grocery retailers and recyclers to recycle large volumes of WOCC from Arizona, California and all of the western United States.

“During our search, Arizona stood out for a variety of reasons including having a very supportive business-friendly climate, strong talent pool of skilled labor, and proximity to major transportation routes,” said Ross McRoy, President and Founder of EnviroLog. “Glendale in particular is ideally situated between major highways and its location allows us to better serve our retail and recycling partners on the West Coast and in the Midwest. We look forward to helping Arizona reach its sustainability goals.”

“We are excited to welcome EnviroLog to our growing city,” said Glendale Mayor Jerry Weiers. “We have a duty to take care of the environment. As a consumer product and recycling company, they bring sustainability efforts to Glendale. We are proud to welcome a national brand and look forward to them joining our community.”

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